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Now in Print: Summer of the Stag God

This summer, the Stag God returns in another fantastic tale!

Summer of the Stag Godby J.C. Hernesonfront coverBear Bones Books

The Bear Bones Books imprint of Lethe Press proudly announces the publication of its 22nd title, Summer of the Stag God, the second in the Stag God Chronicles series by author J.C. Herneson.


Boytoons raves over “Spring of the Stag God”

“AMAZING! … I was absolutely blown away by it. The book is a complete turn on, for brain and body! … A fantastic fantasy meets erotica read, beautifully written by Herneson and lovingly illustrated by none other than the brilliant Kupopo.” — Patrick Fillion, Boytoons […]

Now in print: Spring of the Stag God

Now in print: Spring of the Stag God

Now in print: Spring of the Stag God, three fantastically horny stories from bear author J.C. Herneson

Prepare your loins for amazing tales of dark erotic adventure in the world of Khernia, in […]