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Now in Print: Summer of the Stag God

This summer, the Stag God returns in another fantastic tale!

Summer of the Stag God by J.C. Herneson front cover Bear Bones Books

Summer of the Stag God
by J.C. Herneson
front cover
Bear Bones Books

The Bear Bones Books imprint of Lethe Press proudly announces the publication of its 22nd title, Summer of the Stag God, the second in the Stag God Chronicles series by author J.C. Herneson.

The erotic adventures continue in the land of Khernia, home of the Lord of the Seven Tines Ashlan. The enemies of Ashlan — with their forced oaths of celibacy and chastity — are desperate to wipe from the face of the earth the sensuous cult of the Stag God.
In “The Archon,” a young man is sent out into the wilderness, to find the cult, become one of its faithful under false pretenses and report back to the High Church’s Palace of Light.
“The Ancient Grove” sees Ashlan himself imperiled as the Lord Curate’s insidious plan to destroy all orcs and humans who dare worship the powerful Beast Gods is revealed.
Don’t miss this exciting sequel to the compelling Stag God story.
Order the book here from Amazon.

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An excerpt from Summer of the Stag God:
* * *
Beneath the pine trees, in a clearing redolent with the scent of pine resin, burnt in chunks from brass braziers hung from the strongest boughs, they came clad in dark clothing, wearing blankets like cloaks and moving cautiously.
The young man was stout, with broad shoulders and ample thighs. He still possessed a touch of baby fat to his face and soft, rounded buttocks, but the ample groin and dusting of light fur on his cheeks and chin told he was on the verge of adulthood. His lips were full and lush, his hair a reddish-copper mess atop his head and his blue eyes hidden by the blindfold.
Hands reached out to touch Mathis, to grope him, to caress him. One hand touched his shoulder, and slid down his back, over the slimming of his hips and the curve of his buttocks.
* * *
JC Herneson

JC Herneson

Summer of the Stag God

by J.C. Herneson
Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press
ISBN: 978-1-59021-528-9 / 1-59021-528-1
228 pages ~ 9 x 6 inches

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