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Now in print: Spring of the Stag God

Now in print: Spring of the Stag God

Now in print: Spring of the Stag God, three fantastically horny stories from bear author J.C. Herneson

Prepare your loins for amazing tales of dark erotic adventure in the world of Khernia, in this first release of the Stag God Chronicles from Bear Bones Books, the “hairy arm” of GLBTIQ publisher Lethe Press.

”A Stag God is Born” ~ A sexual prisoner of his cruel uncle, young Ashlan befriends the man’s prisoner, Imbru, once a feared warrior of the Split Hoof orc tribe, called The Ravager of Men by humans because he spent his seed only on men. Imbru knows the truth behind Ashlan’s strange dreams of running through forests with an antlered brow. Ashlan doesn t understand the dreams or know he is about to inherit a divine mantle he never wanted the legacy of the great antlered Stag God of the wild places.

”The Stag & The Bear” ~ The young god suffering the pains of new divinity goes seeking a mentor, the great Bear God of the stormy mountain tops. Along the way, an orc hunter is forced to his knees to become Ashlan’s new disciple. But approaching an old god is treacherous and his were-bear minions must be confronted and defeated before the Bear God’s den is reached.

”The Stag God’s Disciple” ~ Habra of the Tines, a young orc, goes among humans to preach the worship of Ashlan. But the Patriarchs of the human lands do not want to relinquish their power, and bind, rape and imprison Habra. But in the dungeons new friends are waiting to be found as the faith of the Lord of the Seven Tines spreads through human lands like passion through a man’s nethers.


Spring of the Stag God
by J.C. Herneson

Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press
ISBN:  978-1-59021-316-2
Gay Erotica
Paperback, 174 pages
July 2010

Order your copy at Amazon here.

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