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Great review of Bears in the Wild from Rainbow Reviews

Review of Bears in the Wild: Hot and Hairy Fiction

by “British Bulldog”

“Bears in the Wild” is not for the faint-hearted. The men in this anthology are beefy, strong, and of course hairy. The sex is no-holds barred, often going into fetishes of watersports, sniffing, and spray cheese. There’s a wide variety of styles and outcomes. While most stories are about a single hook up, some have distinct happy-ever-after possibilities. The one thing that was constant throughout was the quality of the writing. R. Jackson is to be praised for his story choices.

“Fur Runner” is named after a corruption of “foreigner,” though I enjoyed the delicious other meaning of the narrator being furry. Plenty of sex in this one, and a happy ending, but not necessarily for the narrator.

“Duplex Complex” is Smith Kendall’s first published story. I hope it won’t be his last. It gives us a fascinating glimpse into bear culture ~ how one man, Jack, is in love with the narrator, who is unable to fully return his affections. The scene in the freight elevator was amazing in its inventiveness. The message of how bears should all love and respect each other because they’re a minority and should stick together is a good one.

I like the way Terry and Roy eventually came together in “Old Majestic,” a chance meeting in a bar, then circumstances prevent them from seeing each other again for a full year. Their instant chemistry was wonderful and romantic. I found myself smiling through most of this story as they fit so well together. …

Wayne Mansfield’s “Miners” sees Josh and Duke at an Australian mining operation in the middle of nowhere. They soon get down to some heavy and dirty action. I liked this story because of its uncomplicated nature and the descriptions of sights, sounds, smells and tastes. These are real, hairy, strong men, unafraid to show passion. They see what they want and go after it.

Simon Shepard’s “Feeding” shows me an aspect of beardom I’d not heard of before. A feeder is someone who wants their partner to over-eat so they become grossly obese. I have to say the practice is a little disturbing. Thankfully Keith, the one who had been “fed,” was no longer with his “feeder.” The story of the ex-boyfriend was told while Keith was indulging in various sexual practices with the unnamed narrator. This interweaving of two separate story strands was very well executed. The narrator wasn’t easy to like. He came across as somewhat selfish. However, he becomes more accommodating as Keith’s tale emerges. No, I don’t imagine they’ll have a happy ever after, but I liked where the story ended.

Thanks to Jay Neal’s “Bear Writes Bear,” I discovered the kink of spray cheese. Thad, a cowboy bear, who writes erotic cowboy fiction, is never seen without a can of spray cheese. The narrator, as well as this reader, was instantly drawn to Thad, who seemed to have it all ~ intelligence, a big dick, a handsome face, and of course, the previously mentioned cans of spray cheese.

This anthology sure lives up to its subtitle of providing hot and hairy fiction. If reading about bears getting it on is your thing, then you’ll certainly enjoy this book.

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