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Bears on Bears noted in new Beef mag

Thanks to Chris Wittke for his fun-cranky blurb of the revised edition of Bears on Bears in his fabulous (and long-running) “Media Beef” column in the new issue of 100% Beef magazine, and thanks to Scott of Beef mag for making a little display ad out of the mention:

Bears on Bears in Chris Wittke's Media Beef column

He writes:

Where else are you going to find the cantankerous Rex Wockner and the even more cantankerous me, Chris Wittke, along with woofy author Wayne Hoffman discussing the merits and drawbacks of lower case “bears” and upper case “Bears”?

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Get yerself a copy of “Bears on Bears” and find out!

This issue, which features a preview of Pantheon’s hothothot “Bear Season,” And a fur-bulous column and issue otherwise, too! Have no idea what I’m talking about? Head over to 100% Beef mag, where you can drool over the humpy furball pics and enjoy some of the best damn Bear writing around. (Thanks for the great plug, guys!)

And big fur-rubbing bearhugs also to Beef readers, stopping by the Bear Bones Books den. Check out our outstanding titles by bear authors, and visit our daddy publisher, Lethe Press, for more exciting GLBTQ books.

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