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Hear! Hear! Mullah Nasruddin

Nasruddin on Audible

Hear! Hear!
Hear “The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin“— an award-winning collection of “Stories, Jests, and Donkey Tales of the Beloved Persian Folk Hero” by Ron J. Suresha, narrated by Ted Brooks on Audible audiobook.
Because everyone needs to laugh. More.

And here is the book in softcover.

A Storytelling World Honor Book

An Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice Award Winner

Praise for Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin

“These hilarious, and at times, ribald folk tales of the Turkish wise fool take the reader to another time and place, and share the spiritual lessons of Nasruddin.”

— From the Preface by Ann Shapiro, Executive Director, Connecticut Storytelling Center

“A fine pick and very highly recommended.”

— Midwest Book Review

“Identifies the real strength of Nasruddin’s stories in context to world literature and story performance, that is, its power to build bridges between cultures. The point of these stories is to speak to the audience in the language and metaphors that are familiar.”

— Storytelling, Self, Society

“A contemporary reworking of the stories fit for a general audience. . . . The book has maintained the direct, unadorned style that is a hallmark of folk tales. . . . A delightful break from the everyday world for an hour or two.”

 — Green Man Review

From the Introduction

When the wise old fool Nasruddin was but a silly young child, he had the habit of distracting his classmates with antics, jokes, and stories, much to the dismay of his teacher. Once, when the young Nasruddin was being particularly troublesome, his irate teacher uttered a curse:

Wherever you go or stay, 
whatever you do or say,
whether it be night or day —
people will only laugh and laugh at you.

Now, eight centuries later, people everywhere are still laughing at Nasruddin, one of the world’s most beloved folk characters. 

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