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Favourite Tales of Nasreddin Hoca

Favourite Tales of Nasreddin Hoca

Treasured, oft-told stories of the famous funny folk hero

Now available in print and digital formats from Bear Bones Books

Softcover ~ ebook ~ Google Play

Now in print from Bear Bones:
Favourite Tales of Nasreddin Hoca

Collected & retold by Ron J. Suresha

Nasreddin Hoca, the eight-centuries-old “wise fool” character originating from Turkey and the Levant, is the subject of thousands of funny, wise tales, jokes, and anecdotes told across the Middle and Far East and retold today around the world. 

Extensively researched and carefully chosen from beloved authentic sources by an award-winning author, these pithy stories and folk tales are certain to bring readers a smile, nod, or chuckle of self-recognition on every page.

More than one hundred of Nasreddin Hoca’s most endearing, enduring stories, gathered here by an award-winning author, will amuse, illuminate, and captivate readers of all ages with Hoca’s ageless, unique humour and universal humanity. 

From the Introduction:

Eight hundred years ago, somewhere in the Levant between Europe and Asia, the famous old wise fool Nasreddin Hoca was but a silly young boy, with hardly more common sense than a piece of paper. 

Instead of staying still and paying attention in school, Nasreddin played the fool, constantly distracting his pals with antics, jokes, and stories. 

Once, when young Nasreddin was acting particularly troublesome in class, his irate teacher cursed him: “From now on, whatever you do or say, people shall only laugh and laugh at you.”

And so, even today, people everywhere are still laughing at Nasreddin Hoca, one of the world’s funniest and most beloved folk characters. 

Cover photograph © Ron J. Suresha

Favourite Tales of Nasreddin Hoca: Treasured, oft-told stories of the famous funny folk hero

Now in print and digital formats from Bear Bones Books

Published through Barnes & Noble Press

Softcover ISBN: 9781078780155 ~ Nook ebook EAN: 2940162685760

Also available on Google Play

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