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Joel Perry’s novel, Stealing Arthur — now back in print (and Kindle)!

Front cover, Stealing Arthur
Cover illustration by Staven Anderson

“Joel Perry’s Stealing Arthur is a superfun read! Sex, murder, love, celebrities, bears, porn stars, and underworld intrigue, with plenty of belly laughs and wtf surprises. It’s a delicious Hollywood dish!”

Doug Langway, creator of the Bear City Trilogy

Stealing Arthur is a hilarious page-turner that I just could not put down! Read it now.”

Jason Stuart, comedian, actor, & author of Shut Up, I’m Talking!

“Joel Perry’s Stealing Arthur is dizzying, riotous, Byzantine in its plotting, rife with intersecting characters, and offers us a profoundly cynical view of Hollywood and the movie industry. It’s hilarious.”

Prism Book Alliance
  • Get Stealing Arthur in softcover from Amazon here.
  • Get Stealing Arthur on Kindle here.

This hilarious novel, based on an actual event, tells of fifty-five of Hollywood’s highest awards — the Arthurs — that were stolen, setting in motion the sexy kind of crazy only turn-of-the-millennium Los Angeles can provide. Intrigue, murder, comedy, romance, sex, celebrity dish, and ultimately redemption play out for characters from Skid Row to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, including all the desperate wannabes in between. In a town where people would happily kill anyone for a part, what would they do for a gilded Arthur statuette?

Joel Perry, author of Stealing Arthur. Photo by James Bowling.

Joel Perry is the author of Funny That Way; That’s Why They’re in Cages, People!; Going Down: The Instinct Guide to Oral Sex; and The Q Guide to Oscar Parties and Other Award Shows.
He grew up hairy, heavy, and homo in North Carolina. He has been an actor, writer, comedian, producer, and spiritual director. After 28 years in Los Angeles, Joel has returned to his hometown of Wilmington, N.C., where he lives with his husband and two cats.

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