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Bear Lust: Hot & Hairy Fiction

A classic collection of hot & hairy fiction for masculine men — now back in print!

Bear Lust: Hot & Hairy Fiction

edited by R. Jackson

Bear Lust: Hot & Hairy Fiction

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Bear Lust, second in the popular Hot & Hairy series of homomasculine erotic short fiction anthologies from the Bear Bones Books imprint of Lethe Press, reveals a whole clan of lusty characters from the Bear cult: two wayward bikers who ride together down a dusty, lusty road; four massive musclebears who use junkyard metal and other tools to improvise weightlifting routines; a mountain man guiding a young diarist through his manly initiation and the American frontier; two warriors, bear and wolf, battle for sexual dominance in 8th-Century Norway; and many more —sometimes amusing but always arousing — manly characters.

Edited by R. Jackson (Lambda award finalist, Bi Guys), Bear Lust presents seventeen powerful, arousing, compelling stories of beefy male love by homomasculine romance by acclaimed authors Jeff Mann, Dale Chase, Thom Wolf, Daniel M. Jaffe, Simon Sheppard, Jay Neal, R.E. Neu, Jay Starre, Karl von Uhl, Furr, and more.

This collection is a reissue of the 2004 Alyson edition.

Cover photography of “Jack Radcliffe” by Chris Komater.

Praise for Bear Lust: Hot & Hairy Fiction

“Bear Lust will undoubtedly be found nestled comfortably into the nightstands of the thousands of men . . . Filled with spicy man-on-man action of amazing variety!” – 100% Beef magazine

“If you go down to the woods today . . . you might find that those hot, hairy bears are having a whale of a time, rubbing each other’s salt-and-pepper beards and scratching their big tummies. If Bear Love is your thing, then this collection of erotic short stories should grab you by the short and curlies. There are big, hairy cowboys who give new meaning to the phrase ‘cow poke,’ there are Norse Gods with mighty nipples and Roman soldiers with thrusting manhoods. All in all, a right meaty feast!” – Gay Times U.K.

“A superior one-handed read. It’s perfect for those of us who like their men big, strong and hairy. . . . This is a real delight for those that like them rough and ready and hairy as hell.” – Scotsgay


Bear Lust: Hot and Hairy Fiction

Edited by R. Jackson

Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press, February 2011 • Trade Paperback: 216 pp.

ISBN-10: 1-59021-122-7 • ISBN-13: 978-1-59021-122-9 • Price: $15.00 USD

Categories: Gay / Bi Male Erotica • Distributed by: ASP, Baker & Taylor, Ingram

Also available for Kindle, iBook, and all electronic-book formats.

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