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Bear Like Me

Bear Like Me

A novel by Jonathan Cohen

On June 15th, 2010, Bear Bones Books, the “hairy arm” of GLBTIQ publisher Lethe Press, will publish its second novel, a reprint of the gay romantic comedy novel Bear Like Me, by Jonathan Cohen, in print and electronic editions.

Fired from his job at Phag magazine, Peter Mallory has to find a way to make a living . . . and get revenge! When his best friend suggests writing a book about the bear community — and using his new ursine look to go undercover at Phag — Peter is soon letting his body hair grow and practicing the fine art of flannel couture. When Peter’s sabotage campaign works only too well, he starts to run the risk of discovery. With an envious fellow bear set to unmask Peter as a fraud, and a relationship with an intriguing bear on the line, things are about to get very hairy!

Praise for Bear Like Me

“A fast-moving, hilarious story of a gay man trying to negotiate a world brand new to him in a story rich in comic stereotypes of conniving, lying and greedy media moguls, vacuous twinks, bitter but righteous feminists, and a glorious parade of bruins that demonstrate that even within the gay bear ghetto that passes for a north woods forest, there is still both incredible sweetness and vile betrayal. Bear Like Me is a definite page-turner and a quick read to boot. Moreover, Cohen’s novel, while fiction, is never-the- less fascinating in its spot-on depiction of the world culture of bears that make up a part of the larger gay community.”

— Jerry Flack, reviewer, Independent Gay Writer


“Bears will have a good time reading Bear Like Me; and non-bears will probably wish they were bears so that they could join in the fun.”

— Jesse Monteagudo, reviewer, Gay Today


“There is a madcap pleasure to this book, a cheekily improbable comic read which is both an insider’s appreciation of the contemporary bear community, and something of a send-up of it, as well. Jonathan Cohen writes about bear customs, mores, and quirks with charming archness, coordinating a sociologist’s keen eye and a gossipmonger’s sharp tongue with gleeful precision. That’s the fun part; what delights is Cohen’s old-fashioned way with romance.”

— Richard Labonte, reviewer, Book Marks

Jonathan Cohen, author of "Bear Like Me"

Jonathan Cohen, author of “Bear Like Me”


Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press

ISBN: 1-59021-196-0 • ISBN-13: 978-1-59021-196-0

June 2011, Softcover, 248 pp., $15.00

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