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An Older Man — now back in print (and Kindle)!

Bear Bones Books is pleased to announce the release of Wayne Hoffman’s novel, An Older Man, available now in softcover from Amazon and in an e-reader edition on Kindle.

Front cover, An Older Man
Cover photograph by David Gray / Yogabear Studios

Moe Pearlman—once the 20-something protagonist of Hard—is now over 40, overweight, and going gray. For someone used to being the adorable younger guy chasing after older men, that’s not particularly easy. But Moe’s whole conception of himself is challenged when he spends Bear Week in Provincetown, an event that brings thousands of mature gay and bi men to the tip of Cape Cod the week after Independence Day to revel and relax.  

Still singular in his focus and sexual appetites, Moe hopes he’ll find a hot older guy and have an intense summer fling. Joining him on vacation is Moe’s ex-lover Gene and Gene’s new boyfriend Carlos, so Moe has no reason to feel lonely, but when the older objects of Moe’s affection start looking right past him in favor of younger rivals, Moe is shaken to the core.

Praise for An Older Man

“The simple honesty and openness of its sexuality felt like the first blast of spring after a long, cold winter. . . . Hoffman knows how to keep the pages turning but also how to take us deep, deftly connecting the explicit to the profound. A quick, fun read that packs plenty of insight.” – Publishers Weekly (Staff Pick)

“Smart . . . engrossing . . . both a breezy story about a horny vacationing bear and a contemporary examination of the difficulties gay men encounter when addressing issues of self-acceptance, body image, aging, loneliness, and their own sexual culture as it evolves in the digitized 21st century.” – Bay Area Reporter

An Older Man is a charming, genuine love letter to Provincetown. . . . With great skill, Hoffman’s prose beautifully captures the spirit of this truly unique destination.” — Chelsea Station Magazine

“A bear-hug of a book that is equal parts burly bouquet of bear culture, a love letter to Provincetown, and a sexy story about our hirsute hero Moe’s quest to find ‘the one.’” — Gregg Shapiro, author, Lincoln Avenue

An Older Man is about the aging of the first generation of gay men spending adulthood free of the closet and mostly free of the epidemic that took our older brothers. That makes it an important book. What makes it a really good book, is, it’s funny, moving, and makes you want to turn its pages to learn what happens next. You’ll root for its hero, Moe Pearlman, despite his failings, and you’ll regret having to part ways with him and his friends when you reach the story’s surprising end.” — Eric Orner, author, The Completely Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

Wayne Hoffman, author, An Older Man
Author photograph by Frank Mullaney

Wayne Hoffman’s acclaimed debut novel, Hard, and its sequel, An Older Man, are published by Bear Bones Books. Another of Wayne’s novels, Sweet Like Sugar, won the Stonewall Book Award. The author lives in New York City and the Catskills.

Coming soon . . . the re-release of Wayne’s novel, Hard.

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