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Hibernation, Cub win Rainbow Book Awards

BBB titles win Rainbow Book Awards

RBAWinnerThe anthology Hibernation and Other Poems by Bear Bards, edited by Ron J. Suresha, received a top Rainbow Book Award in both the LGBT Poetry and Bisexual Literature categories.

Hibernation, front cover

Hibernation, front cover

1. Hibernation and Other Poems by Bear Bards, an anthology by Ron J. Suresha
Paperback: 218 pages
Publisher: Bear Bones Books (June 1, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1590212592
ISBN-13: 978-1590212592
Amazon: Hibernation and Other Poems by Bear Bards
Amazon Kindle: Hibernation and Other Poems by Bear Bards

Judges’ comments:

This work, this anthology is a gem. Full of unexpected surprises and delightful sallies into wholly foreign realms. A delight, a bucolic frolic, an earnest journey, a vigorous climb up the mountain of our own understanding, and a foggy glimpse into the glade of our own souls where bears in all their myriad forms dance beneath the stars. By turns funny and poignant, wry and crass, it’s a pocketful of honey drizzled goodness. None of the poems in and of themselves is perfect, for all poems are only ever abandoned in despair of their achieving the greatness we first saw in a flash of inspiration…yet the sum of their individual flaws is, in a word, perfection.”

Love, love, love this. So many authors, so many emotions, in fact, if I may, I’ll call this a rainbow of emotions. From the sublime to the thought provoking; from innocent to ‘don’t tell anyone you’re reading this book.’ It’s all there, and I was left wanting more only because of the quality of the writing. In my years as a Rainbow Award judge, I have never given a perfect score, until now.

Poetry is difficult to judge but each piece was beautifully written.

This book did what Poetry was supposed to do, elicit emotion. I laughed, paused, thought, and teared up a few times. Well done.

BRILLIANT! Lush and evocative, it gave me an excellent peep into a rich, diverse culture and made a Bear Admirer out of me! I especially enjoyed the poems by Jack Fritscher and Gavin Geoffrey Dillard.

Poetry written with the flair of genius.


Cub, a novel by Jeff Mann, front cover

Cub, a novel by Jeff Mann, front cover

Jeff Mann’s excellent novel of young hirsute love, Cub, was also honored by the Rainbow Book Awards this year in the Best Gay Book category.


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