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New Bear Bones Audiobook: Jonathan Cohen’s novel, Bear Like Me

New Bear Bones Audiobook available from

Now out(rageously funny) from BBB audiobook: Jonathan Cohen’s novel, Bear Like Me

BEAR LIKE ME audiobook cover

November 2013:

Following the runaway hit Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press audiobook of Jeff Mann’s acclaimed epic civil war novel, Purgatory, and the recent release of Jeff’s Lammy-winning book, A History of Barbed Wire, BBB is pleased to present its third audiobook: Bear Like Me is the very first bear novel, a funny furfest by Canadian author Jonathan Cohen.

Bear Like Me front cover

Bear Like Me front cover

Fired from his job at Phag magazine, Peter Mallory has to find a way to make a living…and get revenge! When his best friend suggests writing a book about the bear community–and using his new ursine look to go undercover at Phag–Peter is soon letting his body hair grow and practising the fine art of flannel couture. When Peter’s sabotage campaign works only too well, he starts to run the risk of discovery. With an envious fellow bear set to unmask Peter as a fraud, and a relationship with an intriguing bear on the line, things are about to get very hairy!

Listen to a free sample of the BEAR LIKE ME audiobook and order!
Jonathan Cohen, author of "Bear Like Me"

Jonathan Cohen, author of “Bear Like Me”

Audible Audio Edition

Bear Like Me: A Novel


by Jonathan Cohen ~ Narrated by Paul Kowalczyk

Published by Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press

Stay tuned for the announcement of the fourth, forthcoming audiobook from BBB/ Lethe: Fog, a novel by Jeff Mann!

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