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How Bear Erotica Can Spice up Your Relationship

Guest editorial

How Bear Erotica Can Spice up Your Relationship

Coined by Richard Bulger and his partner Chris Nelson, the term “Bear” was popularized when the two founded Bear Magazine in 1987. Although the term was already widely used in LGBT community, Bulger and Nelson’s publication brought the term and the lifestyle to the mainstream. Now, 26 years later, the bear lifestyle has generated apps, websites, magazines, and books devoted to hairy, husky, strong men and those who love them.

4709You may already be deeply entrenched in the bear community and think that there’s nothing new you can glean about the lifestyle, yourself, or, if you’re a bear chaser, your prey. However, there’s still much that you can learn about the bear lifestyle, and reading erotic novels on the subject can make you a master on the topic. Erotic novels about the bear community can teach you a lot about the lifestyle and how to incorporate certain aspects of the lifestyle in your relationship.

Story Time Equals Couple Quality Time

Reading erotic stories with your mate allows you and your partner the opportunity to discuss and share naughty tales without having to contrive these stories on your own. Choose a certain paragraph or section in the book that relates to you and your mate as a bear couple and read the part out aloud to your partner. This creates gives you the chance to connect as a couple and share your own fantasies as erotic storytelling produces an excellent avenue for sharing. Additionally, these tales provide you and your partner with an outlet for fantasies and an opportunity for sexual dialogue, which is an intrinsic part of a relationship.

Erotic Bear Novels Offer up Some Tantalizing Ideas

4709 2Let’s face it—relationships can be a drag and a bit boring at times, so couples need something to spice things up a bit. Why most relationships fail is due to monotony in the shack. Enter erotic tales about bears. Oftentimes, couples are aware that their relationships are lacking in the sex department; however, they don’t know where to begin. Erotic stories open your mind to sexual fantasies and ushers in new ideas that you can experiment with and implement in real life. In addition to an erotic novel or anthology of bearotic stories, you and your mate can intensify the sexual components of your relationship by adding men’s sex toys into the mix. Combining erotic book storytelling with a sexual device can increase your desire not only to have more sex, but engage in different types of sex.

Sharing Erotic Stories Can Inspire Sexual Role Playing

Reading erotic stories centered on your relationship and the homomasculine community of man-lovers can generate ideas for different roles you and your partner can use in the boudoir. Although you and/or your mate may have sexual hang-ups or view role-playing as a trite, unnecessary act, acting out a scene or scenario from a bear novel can be more exciting and passionate than you or your partner could ever imagine. Use the story as a script, choose which characters to play, and, most importantly, enjoy yourselves and your intimacy as a couple.

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