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Soon in Print: Night Duty, and other stories, by Nicolas Mann

~ Soon in Print! ~

Night Duty, and other stories

by Nicolas Mann

Intriguing Daddy/son stories that will amuse, enchant, and arouse men in the Bear community!

Night Duty, illustration by Nicolas Mann

Night Duty, illustration by Nicolas Mann

Bear Bones Books proudly presents its 17th title, Night Duty, and Other Stories, a sexy, fun, often touching collection of Daddy/son short fiction by bear-identified writer and artist Nicolas Mann, with fifteen captivating stories, accompanied by thirteen of Mann’s original illustrations.


All men hold secrets. It’s part of their nature. The mystery of a man, like his musky, masculine scent, is discovered only when he meets naked with another man.

The janitor in the college bathrooms late at night and the professor he meets there. The grizzled mountain men in the Old West sharing a bathtub in a hotel room. The neighbor kid’s Dad in his underwear, drinking and watching videos in the basement. The thickset, gray-bearded homeless daddybear in the alley behind the house. The shadowy priest confronting the young man confessing his sins. The burly innkeeper at a mysterious rustic country retreat.

By day, these men daily mask their innermost desires. Yet it is inevitable that, in the course of their nighttime duties, these men of hair and bone will reveal the hidden secrets thumping in their hearts and pulsing in their pants, to another man who will fulfill those hidden fantasies.

In Night Duty, Nicolas Mann shares his erotic fiction and artwork featuring masculine, hairy men and the other sexy guys whom they lust after, and who love them in return — including drawings created especially for this book.

As a writer, illustrator, and photographer in the gay/bi/queer men’s Bear community, Nick calls himself a dreamer and admits that his dreaming life is richer than his waking one. To him, “dreams are like stories and stories are like dreams: they walk hand in hand in the realm of sleep.”

This unique collection of bearotic fiction and art will amuse and arouse anyone who enjoys the intimate company of masculine men.


Contents:  Night Duty  •  Bar Tale  •  Lost Daddy  •  Mountain Men  •  Guy’s New Toys  •  Mr. Tucker  •  To Protect and Serve  •  Newt’s Lesson  •  Bless Me, Father  •  Extra Pair of Hands  •  The Manhandler  •  Summer of Love  •  Father Figure  •  Jeremy  •  The Ghost of Dark Oak Cottage

About the Author

Nicolas Mann (no relation to BBB author Jeff Mann) has contributed fiction and artwork many times to Handjobs and 100% Beef magazines. He grew up in Northern Ohio where he began writing and drawing at an early age. In 1974 he moved to Chicago, where he studied art at The American Academy of Art. He lives in a quiet, historic neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana, with his partner, Matt, their dog, Gus, and their cat, Lila. This is Mr Mann’s first commercially published book.


Night Duty, and other stories

by Nicolas Mann

Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press • January 2013 • Category: Gay Fiction

eISBN: 978-1-59021-455-8  •  ISBN-13: 978-1-59021-263-9

XXX pp., 6 x 9 x __ inches • Paperback: $15.00

eBook (depends on format): $6.99

Distributed by: Brodart Co., Folletts, Ingram, TLA Books,, Smashwords

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