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Now in Print: Tales from the Den

NOW in print from Bear Bones Books:

Tales from the Den

an anthology edited by R. Jackson
Tales from the Den

Tales from the Den, front cover

You’re not afraid of wild and weird things that go Woof in the night, are you? Enter the Den, where this frightfully stimulating collection of 15 hot and hairy stories — written by and for the masculine men who call themselves bears, cubs, wolves, otters, and the critters who love them — will be sure to give you a chill up your spine and a thrill between your furry loins.

The erotomythic stories tell of bearish men who dare enter forbidden realms populated (and copulated) by mystical beings, supernatural creatures, fantastic spirits, netherworldly demons, and bizarre beasts–your typical Folsom Street Fair crowd.

This collection includes new stories from authors William Holden, Daniel M. Jaffe, Hank Edwards, ‘Nathan Burgoine, Jay Starre, and Lee Thomas, and others; classic bear tales from Jay Neal and Nicolas Mann; plus fabulous original short fiction by fresh talents in the bear writing community.

Tales from the Den may or may not grow hair on your palms, but it’s certain to raise fur on the back of your neck!

Tales from the Den

Wild & Weird Stories for Bears

edited by R. Jackson

Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press • October 2011

Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press, October 2011  •  256 pp., 9 x 6 inches

ISBN-13: 978-1-59021-222-6   •  ISBN-10: 1-59021-222-3   •    Categories: Gay Fiction / Spec Fic

Distributed by: ASP, Baker & Taylor, Ingram  •   Softcover: $25.00 USD

Also available in Amazon Kindle and all other e-book formats, $9.99

Distributed by: ASP, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, TLA Books

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