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Now in Print: The House of Wolves, a novel by Robert B. McDiarmid

NOW in print from Bear Bones Books:

The House of Wolves

a novel by Robert B. McDiarmid

The House of Wolves

The House of Wolves, front cover

Enveloped by the native spirits of the Pacific Northwest, Roy Wallace and David Moreau’s newfound relationship begins. David soon introduces Roy to the House of Wolves, a small intentional community of gay and bisexual men where honor, companionship, spirituality, erotic desire, and brotherhood guide their way.

Each man living in the house represents a totem from the spirit world, and each one has committed himself to creating a unique path in life. As Roy approaches the prospect of living with the group, he experiences the loving gift that each person, including himself, brings to the household.

As the mystical rituals and traditions of Roy’s new chosen family are revealed, each character is forced to confront fears and break through personal limitations in order to embrace the extraordinary loving spirit that ultimately unites them in body, mind, and spirit in the House of Wolves.

Robert B. McDiarmid is a writer and activist who lives in Palo Alto, California. The House of Wolves is his first novel.

The House of Wolves is a vivid amalgam of elements: body hair and beards, pipe smoke and man-musk, the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, the richness of Native American culture. Robert McDiarmid’s evocative novel beautifully intertwines the erotic, the romantic, and the spiritual, and it depicts homomasculinity at its best: lusty, strong, compassionate, and kind.”

Jeff Mann, Lambda Literary Award-winner, A History of Barbed Wire

The House of Wolves
A novel by Robert B. McDiarmid

Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press  •  September 2011

ISBN-10: 1-59021-209-6  •  ISBN-13: 978-1-59021-209-7

Softcover, 236 pp., 5.5 x 8.5 inches: $15.00  •   Ebook: $6.99

Categories: Gay Fiction, Novels, Spirituality

Distributed by: ASP, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, TLA Books

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