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The release of “Pleasure”!

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with the acclaimed novel of a Jewish gay Bear’s lusty adventures in Amsterdam — now back in print!

The Limits of Pleasure

A novel by Daniel M. Jaffe

The Limits of Pleasure, by Daniel M. Jaffe, front cover

The Limits of Pleasure, by Daniel M. Jaffe, front cover.

Today, on Hanukkah Eve, December 1, 2010, Bear Bones Books, the “hairy arm” of GLBTIQ publisher Lethe Press, will proudly publish its first novel, a reprint of Daniel M. Jaffe’s acclaimed book, The Limits of Pleasure.

With great humor and sensitivity, The Limits of Pleasure follows Dave Miller, a sexy forty-year-old Bearish man living in Boston, as he survives an escalating skirmish to reconcile his Jewish and gay identities.

A year after the death of his Holocaust-surviving grandmother, Dave leaves Boston for Amsterdam, the home of Anne Frank, whom his Grandma revered. Dave, feeling undeserving to confront the suffering that Grandma endured in the concentration camps, cannot bring himself to visit Anne Frank’s house.

Angry with himself and the world, Dave repeatedly seeks out risky erotic trysts that mix sacred ritual with profane hedonism, culminating with a sexual epiphany that arrives the night before Chanukah. When he meets Alexander, a sexually reserved Dutchman of Indonesian heritage with identity conflicts of his own, the relationship shakes both men’s lives to their core.

Praise for Daniel M. Jaffe’s The Limits of Pleasure

“I can only testify to the riveting effect this book has had on me . . . truly groundbreaking . . . a brilliant author. Let the academics prattle on about ‘the canon.’ The canon itself quakes, shudders, and then invites the likes of The Limits of Pleasure in, as it so emphatically must. Daniel Jaffe has done a great thing: made a fresh pilgrimage to the age-old human well, where sex and death, good-hearted secularism and the promptings of an ambiguous Higher Power, revolutionism and blood fealty all roil the pond from surface to sediment.” — Sydney Lea, Pulitzer Prize Finalist author of Pursuit of a Wound; Founding Editor of New England Review

The Limits of Pleasure: A novel by Daniel M. Jaffe

Bear Bones Books / Lethe Press

Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5″, 208 pp. • $15.00

Release date: December 1, 2010

ISBN: 1-59021-196-0 • 978-1-59021-196-0

Categories: Gay / Bi Male Fiction • Distributed by: ASP, Baker & Taylor, Ingram

Also available for Kindle, iBook, and all electronic-book formats.

Daniel M. Jaffe

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