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Bears on Bears, rev. ed., noted in A Bear’s Life

Bear Bones Books wishes to thank A Bear’s Life magazine for featuring the revised edition of Bears on Bears in this issue (“Falling in Love” #17)!

ABL 17 coverBears on Bears

A revised and expanded edition of the “invaluable book” on Bears

Revealing, challenging, often humorous, Bears on Bears is a groundbreaking book that examines the homomasculine subculture called Bears.

In 30 wide-ranging interviews, 62 men reveal their experiences as gay, bi, and trans Bears and Bear-lovers who find their physical image and personal lifestyle at odds with stereotypically ephebic, effeminate, fashion-obsessed gay male culture. Finding intimate affirmation within the increasingly international Bear brotherhood, they discuss coming-out as and homomasculine Bears and trace the early history of Bear community and subculture.

Contributors include comedian Bruce Vilanch, “Survivor” Richard Hatch, model Jack Radcliffe, and authors David Bergman, Michael Bronski, Jack Fritscher, Wayne Hoffman, Arnie Kantrowitz, Richard Labonté, Dr. Lawrence Mass, Eric Rofes, Mark Thompson, and Les K. Wright.

Bears on Bears, revised edition, front cover
The revised edition, which is the second title from the Bear Bones Books imprint of Lethe Press, features fresh interviews with filmmakers Kevin Bowe (A Bear’s Story) and Dan Hunt (Bear Run), Sirius OutQ radio personality Larry Flick, Bear Like Me author Jonathan Cohen, and Metropolitan Community Church founder Rev. Troy Perry.

Bears on Bears confronts conventional images of male beauty and contemporary concepts of masculinity in a moving and colorful portrait of a men’s community that makes for fascinating reading on many levels.

328 pages, softbound, $25. Available to book distributors through Ingram. ISBN-10: 1590212444, ISBN-13: 978-1590212448

Order your copy now from Amazon of “the invaluable book” on Bears.

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